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Itty Bitty Piggy - Nicki Minaj

Spitting this on a daily with your clique in high school👏👏👏, even reciting the talking part hahaha

if you’re wearing layers, you can be in l.a., new york, paris, in an airport lounge, or on a plane, taking layers on and off however. and the proportions get emotional. you know how a graphic can express a feeling or an emotion? layers can, too.
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lannawho said: Hi! I just want to ask why you're calling it the "I fuck black men" haircut? I'm just clueless and curious.




you ever been out in walmart and seen little mixed babies running around the toy section, riding the bikes off the rack and tryna read one of the press-for-music books and you hear someone call their names in the next aisle over, then you walk over and you see this thick ass white lady, in her early 30s with some rocawear jeans and a tweety bird shirt wearing air force ones with tall, skinny dark skin nigga in a tall tee and some M+FG jorts with foams? 

what kinda haircut she got? does it look like it came of a dark ‘n’ lovely perm box or nahhh?

Dies cause true


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